Self-portraits are rare and highly prized portrayals that reveal a unique inner vision that only the artist can provide. Theodor Seuss Geisel painted merely a few self-portraits during his lifetime, each of which presents an entirely different examination of who “Dr. Seuss” was and is.

The portraits included here are: Self-Portrait of an Artist Worrying about His Next Book, Self-Portrait as a Young Man Shaving, and The Cat Behind the Hat

The most recent release from this collection, The Cat Behind the Hat, is the only self-portrait currently available—the other two are sold out. This iconic self-portrait ran in The Saturday Evening Post on July 6, 1957. Appearing just four months after the launch of The Cat in the Hat, this classic image depicts Dr. Seuss as his mischievous alter ego, complete with red and white stovepipe hat, cat ears, and the Cat’s now famous red bow tie.