Minor-Cat Miner in a High-Yield Emerald Mine


Minor-Cat Miner in a High-Yield Emerald Mine


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1,895 USD
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Mixed-Media Pigment Print on Archival Canvas
Authorized Estate Edition

Image Size: 36” x 27” with additional canvas border

Limited Edition of 850 Arabic Numbers
99 Patrons’ Collection
155 Collaborators’ Proofs
5 Hors d’Commerce
2 Printer's Proofs

Adapted posthumously from an original painting by Theodor Seuss Geisel (“Dr. Seuss”).

Ted Geisel was a connoisseur of contemporary culture and sought inspiration from some of the most well-known artists of the early 20th century. From his timely fascination with the Surrealists to his discovery of the cubists and abstract expressionists, Ted consistently found himself in close proximity to some of the greatest art movements of the last 100 years. 

Minor-Cat Miner hints at the cubist and abstract expressionist influence from the 1900s through the 1940s, along with several other prominent Secret Art paintings such as Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town and Archbishop Katz.

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