Little Cats B, C and A


Little Cats B, C and A


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495 USD - Unframed
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Serigraph on Coventry Rag Paper
Authorized Estate Edition

Image Size: 17.5” x 13”
Paper Size: 21” x 16”
Limited Edition of 2500 Arabic Numbers
99 Patrons’ Collection
155 Collaborators’ Proofs
5 Hors d’ Commerce

Adapted posthumously from the illustration for the 1958 book, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

When Ted Geisel wrote The Cat in the Hat, Ellen Goodman of The Detroit Free Press wrote that it was “a little volume of absurdity that worked like a karate chop on the weary little world of Dick, Jane and Spot.” The Cat in the Hat Comes Back brilliantly followed up that “little volume of absurdity” in 1958 by introducing a full alphabetic complement of “cat companions” to help that bad Cat in the Hat out — Little Cats B,C and A! — plus D through Z!

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